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The British Isles 1901-1951
by Keith Robbins

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The British Isles 1901-1951
by Author Name Keith Robbins

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List Price:119.15
Format: Hardback, 223 x 142 x 21mm, 304pp
Publication date: 14 Nov 2002
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN-13: 9780198731955


The "British Isles" entered the 20th century as a single state, "Great Britain and Ireland", with a "British Empire" greater in extent and larger in population than the world had ever seen. The first 50 years saw vast change. At home, the separate path of Ireland became steadily more clear-cut. Abroad, the "Dominions" increasingly saw themselves and acted as independent entities and, with the withdrawal from the Indian sub-continent in 1947, the writing was on the wall for the British Empire/Commonwealth. Not unrelated to these changes was the major British involvement in two world wars. This volume presents a very different country in 1951 from what it had been in 1901. The chapters by different authors focus on politics, economics, society, wars, and foreign policy to emphasize the interconnectedness of all these developments. The expositions reflect on the "the British Way and Purpose" from different perspectives.


Introduction: Halfway House - Isles and Empire over half a century ; 1. British Isles/British Empire: dual mandate/dual identity ; 2. Electing the governors/the governance of the elect ; 3. The British Way and Purpose ; 4. Being British: creeds and cultures ; 5. Unity and disunity: the price of victory ; 6. Declining advantage: the British economy ; 7. Riches, poverty, and progress ; Conclusion: decline and progress ; Further Reading ; Chronology ; Maps ; Index

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