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Keeping in Time with Your Body Clock
A Guide to Maximising Your Mental and Physical Potential
by J.M. Waterhouse D.S. Minors M.E. Waterhouse T. Reilly G. Atkinson

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Keeping in Time with Your Body Clock
A Guide to Maximising Your Mental and Physical Potential
by Author Name J.M. Waterhouse, D.S. Minors, M.E. Waterhouse, T. Reilly, G. Atkinson

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List Price:32.65
Format: Paperback, 195 x 128 x 12mm, 208pp
Publication date: 28 Nov 2002
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN-13: 9780198510741


Why am I always tired? Why can't I sleep at night? Why do I suffer from jetlag? We all have a body clock, a biological structure that controls how we feel, our mental and physical performance, and whether we are active or asleep. This is nature's response to our rhythmic environment, dominated by day and night. Though the body clock normally adjusts us to daytime activity and night time sleep, it can go wrong or be tricked by lifestyle changes. This can result in jetlag, some forms of insomnia and even depression. Keeping in time with your body clock provides clear and accessible advice on how to live with, and not against, your body clock. In a clear and accessible style, it explains how the body clock works, how and why it can work against you, and the measures you can take to optimise your feeling of health and wellbeing. It also explains the role of the body clock in illness, and how an understanding of this can increase your feeling of health. An essential book for anyone who wants to better understand their body and optimise their feeling of health and wellbeing.


This book is ideal for night-shift workers, travellers - and insomniacs. The Lady


How to use this book ; PART I: YOUR BODY CLOCK IN HEALTH ; 1. The internal and external causes of body rhythms ; 2. Some properties of the body clock ; 3. Fatigue, sleep, and hormones ; 4. Your body clock, the waking period, and physical activity ; 5. Your body clock and mental activity ; 6. Food, metabolism, and the removal of waste ; 7. Your body clock at different stages of your life ; 8. Your body clock - some more details ; PART II: YOUR BODY CLOCK IN DISORDER ; 9. Abnormalities of daily rhythms ; 10. Long-haul flights and time-zone transitions - the problem ; 11. Time-zone transitions - advice ; 12. Night work - the problems ; 13. Night work - advice ; 14. Daily rhythms and medicine ; Index

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  • Illustrations: numerous figures and tables