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The Russian Language in the Twentieth Century
by Bernard Comrie

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The Russian Language in the Twentieth Century
by Author Name Bernard Comrie

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List Price:180.90
Format: Hardback, 224 x 144 x 26mm, 396pp
Publication date: 28 Mar 1996
Publisher: Clarendon Press
ISBN-13: 9780198240662


Bernard Comrie and Gerald Stone's The Russian Language since the Revolution (OUP 1978) provided a comprehensive account of the way Russian changed in the period between 1917 and the 1970s. In this new volume the authors, joined by Maria Polinsky, extend the time frame back to 1900 and forward to glasnost in the mid 1980s. They first consider changes in the pronunciation, morphology, syntax, and vocabulary of the language and then examine the effects of social change on the language in chapters on the changing staus of women, modes of address and speech etiquette, and orthography. They show that changes in all these areas have been very substantial, and explore the extent to which the standard language, as portrayed in dictionaries and grammars, coincides with the actual usage - both spoken and written - of educated Russians. The book will be of interest not only to students of Russian but more generally to sociolinguists and those with an interest in language change.


The Russian Language in the Twentieth Century is a book that will appeal to a broad readership, since it adeptly addresses both scholarly and practical concerns. In addition to its obvious appeal for linguists, the update on current language usage will be of interest to both native and non-native speakers, Since the book addresses many questions that arise in language classes, it will also be a valuable reference for language teachers. Susan C. Kresin, University of California, Los Angeles, Slavic and Easy European Journal 40:4 "The authors have succeeded in making what had been a very good book into an excellent up-to-date resource that is also a good read". Language in Society "The reader should find this a fascinating, well-written and critical survey ofthe work of Russian and non-Russian linguists on developments and trends in the Russian language over the period covered...This book should prove an invaluable resource for scholars and stimulating reference book for both teachers and students of advanced Russian." Irish Slavonic Studies "Ably summarizes the research of the past decades and offers a detailed and readable overview of the work on these changes..Indispensable for all institutions offering Russian courses". CHOICE

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