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Liberalism and Affirmative Obligation
by Patricia Smith

RRP €92.20

Liberalism and Affirmative Obligation
by Author Name Patricia Smith

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List Price:92.20
Format: Hardback, 232 x 154 x 23mm, 274pp
Publication date: 01 Aug 1998
Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc
ISBN-13: 9780195115284


This text considers what a consistently liberal view of affirmative obligation would have to be in order to accommodate liberal commitments to freedom and justice and also account for longstanding issues that are central to liberal democratic society. Patricia Smith argues that taking these institutions seriously requires the rejection of atomistic individualism and, instead, the acceptance of a moderate view of social obligation. This book is intended for students and scholars of legal and political philosophy and political science.


"[A] well-written, convincing, and sensible book....Recommended for academic collections supporting undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty."--Choice

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