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The Future of Southern Letters
by Jefferson Humphries John Lowe

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The Future of Southern Letters
by Author Name Jefferson Humphries, John Lowe

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Format: Paperback, 234 x 155 x 14mm, 208pp
Publication date: 04 Jun 1998
Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc
ISBN-13: 9780195097825


The New South-replete with shopping malls, hub airports, educated African Americans, and immigrants from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Haiti-is still haunted by the Gothic ghosts of its past. Does the collision between past and present account for the continued preeminence of Southern writers in America's literary culture? Bobbie Ann Mason, Ernest Gaines, Rita Mae Brown, Robert Olen Butler, Cormac McCarthy, Dorothy Allison, and Allan Gurganus are just a few of the writers who draw on a new kind of Southern background while reaching out to a broad American readership. Yet many of these writers have been accused of catering to the stereotypes they think a national audience requires. It would seem that questions of Southern identity continue to be bound up with rage against attacks on Southern culture. Jefferson Humphries and John Lowe have assembled a remarkable team of scholars and writers to examine aspects of the contemporary literature of the South. From Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Fred Hobson to esteemed scholar James Olney to poets Kate Daniels and Brenda Marie Osbey, the contributors try to define Southern culture today and ask who will be writing Southern literature tomorrow.Addressing topics such as humor, the past, black autobiography, ethnicity, and female oral traditions, the essays form a volume that is of interest to readers of Southern literature and history, creative writers, and scholars and students of Southern culture.


this is a stimulating collection, well worth reading for all interested in the future of American literature. Contemporary Review, June 1999, vol 274, no 1601 Highly recommended for all academic libraries. Choice

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