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Fire Dynamics with MyFireKit
by Gregory E. Gorbett James L. Pharr

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Fire Dynamics with MyFireKit
by Author Name Gregory E. Gorbett, James L. Pharr

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List Price:65.95
Format: Hardback, 259 x 209 x 16mm, 352pp
Publication date: 04 Aug 2010
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN-13: 9780135075883


Fire Dynamics is Bradyâ sfirst edition textwritten to the FESHE baccalaureate curriculum that is a resource for all fire service professionals from the student to the fire investigator. With fourteen chapters and FESHE and NFPA references and guidelines throughout, the text provides a comprehensive approach to fire dynamics with the latest research and experiments from real field experience. Authors, Gregory E. Gorbett and James L. Pharr, bring a real world focus as this book covers principles of fire dynamics and chemistry with a real world application, above and beyond a review of basic math and science principles. With a new Fire Series Design, Key Terms and Review Questions throughout, and a robust supplements package in MyFireKit for both students and instructors, this text blends both academic information for the student and real world applications for the practicing fire safety professional to become the best in their field.


Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Math Review Chapter 3: Chemistry Review Chapter 4: Properties of Matter and Physics Review Chapter 5: Fire Chapter 6: Gaseous Combustion Chapter 7: Ignitable Liquids Chapter 8: Solid Combustion Chapter 9: Heat Release Rate Chapter 10: Heat Transfer Chapter 11: Ignition Chapter 12: Enclosure Fire Dynamics Chapter 13: Fire Modeling Chapter 14: Extinguishment

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