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Return of the Native
by Thomas Hardy

RRP €8.50

Return of the Native
by Author Name Thomas Hardy

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List Price:8.50
Format: Paperback, 198 x 129 x 30mm, 512pp
Publication date: 03 Jun 2010
Publisher: Vintage Classics
ISBN-13: 9780099518983


Proud, passionate Eustacia Vye marries Clym Yeobright in the hope that he will help her escape her cramped rural existence. But when their relationship falters Eustacia turns to her old lover Damon Wildeve, leading to a disastrous climax on the brooding wilds of Egdon Heath.


"Throbs with a very Victorian sense of geologies, pre-histories and even astronomy; you can feel the planet moving under the feet" Daily Telegraph "Inimitably brooding style" The Times "Besides my complete identification with its heroine, I loved the sheer relentless power of the writing. What other writer would start a novel with six solid pages of description without introducing a single character? Like D H Lawrence, Hardy isn't to everyone's taste: too much blighted love and atheistic pessimism. To me, ensconced in a convent thick with incense, confession and church twice on Sundays, a little atheistic pessimism was a welcome antidote" -- Maeve Haran, Independent "Splendid" Daily Telegraph "Most of Hardy's novels, and particularly the early ones, have a Shakespearean power of creating a unique world and climate of being ... The Return of the Native is ... thoughtful, valedictory, poetic, tinged with the somberness of an uncertainty which seems to well up from the depths of the author's own subconscious ... Hardy's sense of the tragic life of human beings, mere small fragments of consciousness in a vast uncaring universe, comes directly from his own youthful awareness of the place and circumstances described in the novel" -- John Bayley