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We're Mad About Books...

Each month we pick the new children's book that we think stands out from the herd, books that are destined to become the classics for this generation and generations to come, in short, books that we are mad about.

Cakes in Space

by Philip Reeve
& Sarah McIntyre

Astra wakes up on board her spaceship to discover flying mutant space cakes with sharp, giant teeth that love to gobble up little girls EVERYWHERE! You too will gobble up this wonderful, whacky space adventure.

  • Cakes in Space

    Cakes in Space
    Philip Reeve

    Hardback · 04 Sep 2014 · €12.80

    Astra's ship is in trouble. There's something very sinister lurking in the canteen. A cakey monstrosity on the war path. And then there's the Poglites - a space salvage crew who have invaded the ship in their quest for spoonage! Astra and her robot friend Pilbeam are the only things standing in the way of the ship's destruction!

Astra is travelling with her Mum and Dad and baby brother to their new home on Nova Mundi. Tucked up in their sleeping pods, they expect to arrive on the new planet, light years away – but trouble strikes! Astra wakes up early to discover the ship is in danger. The canteen is full of flying space cakes with beady eyes and sharp, giant teeth. Everybody loves cake, right? Not these cakes! People should eat cakes – not the other way round. Stranger still, the ship has been invaded by a gang of Poglites. Who are they and what do they want? Along with her robot friend Pilbeam, Astra must fight the mutant cakes and get the spaceship back on course for Nova Mundi. This is another splendiferous adventure from the duo that brought us Oliver and the Seawigs. You'll gobble this one right up!

- Josie van Embden, Dun Laoghaire

2014 Choices

  • Balaclava Boy

    Balaclava Boy
    Jenny Robson

    Paperback · 03 Jul 2014 · €7.15
    Our Price: €5.99

    Why is the new boy at school wearing a balaclava? The other kids are intrigued and come up with all sorts of theories, but every single one is wrong. As their curiosity grows, Tommy's new friends think of a plan to reveal his secret, but you'll never guess what it is. Short novel with an intriguing story.

  • Brilliant

    Roddy Doyle

    Hardback · 08 May 2014 · €15.65
    Our Price: €10.99

    A 'brilliant' middle-grade, magical adventure from the world-famous author of The Commitments and The Guts.

  • The Cunning Plan

    The Cunning Plan
    Caryl Hart

    Paperback · 06 Mar 2014 · €7.15

    From two of the hottest new talents around comes a crazy new series bursting with ridiculous scrapes and slapstick humour.

  • Gigantosaurus

    Jonny Duddle

    Hardback · 01 Feb 2014 · €15.65

    All young dinosaurs are warned about the scary Gigantosaurus. So Bonehead volunteers to be the dino-kids lookout. Unfortunately, he is the original boy-dinosaur who cried wolf, or in this case, GIGANTOSAURUS! Finally, Bonehead's friends refuse to believe his warnings and the Gigantosaurus really turns up!

  • Danger is Everywhere: A Handbook for Avoiding Danger

    Danger is Everywhere: A Handbook for Avoiding Danger
    David O Doherty

    Paperback · 07 Aug 2014 · €11.35
    Our Price: €8.99

    Does it warn you about what to do if a shark comes up out of the loo while you are sitting on it? Yes it does. And how to find out if your granny is a robot? That too. And what to do if a volcano erupts underneath your house? This book deals with these questions.

We're MAD About...

Cakes in Space jacket

Cakes in Space
by Philip Reeve
& Sarah McIntyre

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