Guinness World Records 2017

08/09/2016, €28.35
The ultimate annual book of records is back and crammed with more than ever before! Guinness World Records 2017 is bursting with all-new records on topics as diverse as black holes, domes, owls and killer plants. And of course all your favourite record categories are updated, such as the world's new tallest dog! Plus, want to be a record-breaker?


06/05/2016, €22.99
Open your eyes to the wonders of Irish nature.

The O'Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales and Legends

Hardback, 27/02/2012, €12.99
Irish fairy tales and legends are full of enchantment, brave deeds and lost loves. Told from generation to generation, they are as fascinating now as they were to their original listeners. With stunning illustrations to draw the reader back to a time of heroes and myth. Now available in paperback.


Paperback, 15/03/2016, €9.99
Irelandopedia is a breathtakingly exciting collection of natural wonders and exciting experiences from every corner of Ireland. Children will love this tie-in activity pack in which they can colour, spot the difference, test their knowledge and search throughout Fatti Burke's amazing illustrations.

dear pope francis

01/02/2016, €15.00

Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary: From

02/06/2016, €21.30
A dictionary of real and invented words used by the world's best storyteller. The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary reveals what they mean, where they came from and how he used them in his stories. It will inspire you to choose and use each word brilliantly in your own writing - whether it's a real word, a Roald Dahl word or your own made-up one!


Paperback, 01/07/2016, €5.70
Helps your child learn to recognise letters and the sounds they make. In this title, funny, friendly characters, Bip, Bop and Boo encourage children to recognise the target letter, identify pictures beginning with the initial sound, and practice first phonics. It also includes colourful stickers.


01/02/2014, €6.00
A boy on the run from his parents. An old man on the run from his children. They meet on the train to Dublin and listen to each other's stories. They understand each other. What will be the result of this new friendship?