Audio Fiction

Into the Water

Audio Tape, 02/05/2017, €26.95
With the same propulsion that captivated millions of readers worldwide in her debut, The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins unfurls a gripping, twisting, layered story set in a small riverside town. Once again in Into The Water Hawkins demonstrates her powerful understanding of human instincts and the damage they can inflict.

Black Book

Hardback, 04/05/2017, €26.95
Being a cop runs in Billy Harney's family. Left for dead alongside his tempestuous former partner and a hard-charging assistant district attorney out for blood, Billy miraculously survives. But he remembers nothing about the events leading up to the shootout.


Audio Tape, 20/04/2017, €23.65
There's a new killer on the streets. A woman is found murdered after an internet date. The marks left on her body show the police that they are dealing with a particularly vicious killer. He's in your house... he's in your room. Under pressure from the media to find the murderer, the force know there's only one man for the job.

To Kill A Mockingbird

Audio Tape, 24/06/2010, €26.60
Through the young eyes of Scout and Jem Finch, the author explores with exuberant humour the irrationality of adult attitudes to race and class in the Deep South of the thirties. This title presents a historical drama of the Great Depression and a sublime example of the Southern writing tradition.

Two Nights

Hardback, 29/06/2017, €20.55
Sunnie has spent years running from her past, burying secrets and building a life in which she needs no one and feels nothing. But a girl has gone missing, lost in the chaos of a bomb explosion, and the family needs Sunnie's help. Is the girl dead? Did someone take her? If she is out there, why doesn't she want to be found?

Classic Collection: v. 2

Audio Tape, 01/01/2010, €19.50
Three unforgettable novels have been turned into fantastic audiobooks written by the award-winning former Children's Laureate, Michael Morpurgo. Actors include Derek Jacobi, Jamie Glover and Michael Morpurgo.

Pigeon Tunnel

Audio Tape, 05/09/2016, €26.00

New and Selected Poems

20/11/2014, €19.95
More than any other poet since Wordsworth, the author can make us understand that the outside world is not outside, but what we are made of.

Chestnut Street

Audio Tape, 24/04/2014, €25.30
A delightful collection of linked stories from No.1 bestselling author Maeve Binchy - simply the best. Unabridged edition.

The Whistler

10/11/2016, €21.65
Worldwide bestseller John Grisham will keep you on the edge of your seat with his most suspenseful thriller yet.