Astrology / Tarot

Cosmic Ordering: The New Way to Shape Reality Through the Ancient Hawaiian Technique of Ho'oponopono

Paperback, 01/08/2009, €10.40
Cosmic Ordering is the powerful method of tuning into the Universe to turn dreams into reality. This title explains Ho'oponopono, a Hawaiian technique stemming from the belief that everything in the universe is interconnected. It shows that the only thing that stops you from achieving anything you desire is your own imagination.

Angels at my Fingertips

Paperback, 30/03/2017, €19.50
A complete account of how and why people look to angels

Angels in My Hair

Paperback, 09/09/2010, €11.70
An autobiography of a modern day mystic, an Irish woman with powers of the saints of old. It presents the testimony of a woman who sees things, beyond the range of our everyday experience.

The Cosmic Ordering Service

Paperback, 01/08/2006, €12.95
The bestselling self-help classic which, like The Secret and Law of Attraction, helps to bring you what you wish for, and is credited by Noel Edmonds for reviving his career and turning his life around.

The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Hardback, 01/06/1999, €16.25
First issued in 1910, the Rider-Waite Tarot is almost certainly the most widely used tarot card deck in the world. Waite is included, explaining the tarot card meanings and how to use the cards for divination, with an introduction by Stuart R.

The Wisdom Seeker's Tarot: Cards and Techniques for Self-Discovery and Positive Change

18/04/2017, €19.65
The most accessible Tarot kit available, with expert guidance on techniques from psychologist David Fontana and incredibly clear and inspiring illustrations to light up your journey of self-discovery. A Tarot classic.

Becoming Supernatural

Hardback, 31/10/2017, €26.00
In Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon, Joe Dispenza draws on research conducted at his advanced workshops since 2012 to explore how common people are doing the uncommon to transform their lives.

A Message of Hope from the Angels: The Sunday Times No. 1 Bestseller

Paperback, 20/06/2013, €11.70
A ray of hope in dark times

Love from Heaven: Now Includes a 7 Day Programme to Bring More Love into Your Life

Paperback, 23/04/2015, €11.70
Lorna Byrne, the Irish mystic who sees angels as clearly as she sees people, reveals for the first time that she also sees love as a physical force. This gives her a unique insight into love.

Heading for the Light: The 10 Things That Happen When You Die

Paperback, 23/09/2014, €15.00
The 10 stages of death as revealed by people who have had near-death experiences