Little Book of Tidying

Paperback, 06/07/2017, €8.50
A beautifully colour-illustrated pocket guide to decluttering your home and life by using specific tools and strategies.

Wreck This Journal: To Create is to Destroy, Now with Even More Ways to Wreck!

Paperback, 22/04/2013, €12.95
Suitable for anyone who's ever wished to, but had trouble starting, keeping, or finishing a journal or sketchbook, this book features a collection of suggestions, asking them to muster up their mistake - and mess-making abilities to fill the pages of the book (and destroy them).

Wreck This Journal: Now in Colour

Paperback, 06/06/2017, €16.95


Hardback, 25/02/2016, €12.95
The 35 paintings that have come down to us from the hand of Jan Vermeer (1632-1675) place him beside Rembrandt and Frans Hals as one of the great masters of the golden age of Dutch art. Little is known of Vermeer's early life and training, though we can be certain that he never knew great success or acclaim during his lifetime, and after his death.

Humans Of Dublin

Hardback, 14/10/2016, €22.99
A stunning collection of portraits and stories drawn from the archives of the popular blog, Humans of Dublin, laying bare the richness and vibrancy of life on the streets of Dublin's capital.

Racinet. The Complete Costume History

Hardback, 25/10/2015, €19.95
Auguste Racinet's Le Costume historique was the most wide-ranging and incisive study of clothing ever attempted. Covering the world history of costume, dress, and style from antiquity through to the end of the 19th century. The Complete Costume History is a rich source of inspiration for anyone with an interest in clothing and style.

Caravaggio - Complete Works

Hardback, 07/04/2017, €19.95

Inside Vogue

Paperback, 01/05/2017, €12.95

Rooms: Create the Home You Want for Your Life

Hardback, 14/04/2016, €16.95
In Rooms, award-winning architect Declan O'Donnell shows us how we can release our inner designer to create a home that works for the way we live.

Design as Art

Paperback, 25/09/2008, €12.95
Sets out the author's ideas about visual, graphic and industrial design and the role it plays in the objects we use everyday.