The Black Snow

Author: Paul Lynch
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 272
Pub Date: 05/03/2015
Publisher: Quercus Publishing
ISBN: 9781782062073
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Quick overview When his byre - and the forty-three cows within it - goes up in flames, Barnabas Kane asks the rural community for help to get his family back on their feet, yet all his requests yield are suspicion and sanctimony. Humiliated, Barnabas grows ever more indignant. Before long this anger makes its mark on an innocent, and toil turns to tragedy.
Product description

In the spring of 1945, farm-worker Matthew Peoples runs into a burning byre and does not come out alive. The farm's owner, Barnabas Kane, can only look on as his friend dies and all 43 of his cattle are destroyed in the blaze. Following the disaster, the bull-headed and proudly self-sufficient Barnabas is forced to reach out to the farming community for assistance. But resentment simmers over Matthew Peoples' death, and Barnabas and his family begin to believe their efforts at recovery are being sabotaged. Barnabas is determined to hold firm. Yet his son Billy struggles under the weight of a terrible secret, and his wife Eskra is suffocated by the uncertainty surrounding their future. And as Barnabas fights ever harder for what is rightfully his, his loved ones are drawn ever closer to a fate that should never have been theirs. In The Black Snow, Paul Lynch takes the pastoral novel and - with the calmest of hands - tears it apart. With beautiful, haunting prose, Lynch illuminates what it means to be alive during crisis, and puts to the test our deepest certainties about humankind.

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