Rockadoon Shore

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 304
Pub Date: 10/01/2017
ISBN: 9781473634084
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Quick overview Six Young Friends. One Watchful Neighbour. Two Days Alone. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
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Cath is worried about her friends. DanDan is struggling with the death of his ex, Lucy is drinking way too much and Steph has become closed off. A weekend away is just what they need. They travel out to Rockadoon Lodge, to the wilds in the west of Ireland. But the weekend doesn't go to plan. JJ is more concerned with getting high than spending time with them, while Merc is humiliated and seeks revenge. And when their elderly neighbour Malachy arrives on their doorstep in the dead of night with a gun in his hands, nothing will be the same again for any of them ...Honest, moving and human, Rockadoon Shore is a novel about friendship and youth, about missed opportunities and lost love, and about the realities of growing up and growing old in modern-day Ireland. Highly energetic and tensely humorous, it heralds a new and exciting voice in contemporary Irish fiction.

Rory Gleeson’s debut novel takes place over the course of a long, boozy, hormonal weekend. It begins with six college friends striking out for Rockadoon Lodge, with the innocent goal of unwinding and maybe getting the shift. Their blissful weekend quickly turns haywire as deceit and pimply insecurities begin to surface. Soon there is a shotgun, talk of revenge, and large cracks in this seemingly cosy group. A moving portrayal of lives and friendships beginning and coming to a close, this novel is a fast-paced tale, told with real verve and confidence. The gritty dialogue is hilarious, the emotions throughout are brash and all too often achingly real, and Gleeson shows real skill in how he zooms in and out of each character’s head. It’s a novel to devour in a weekend - boozy or otherwise.
Recommended by John McHugh, Dubray Galway

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