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The Secret World of the Irish Male

  • The Thing About December

    The Thing About December
    Donal Ryan

    Paperback · 24 Oct 2013 · €17.95
    Our Price: €13.99

    While the Celtic Tiger rages, and greed becomes the norm, Johnsey Cunliffe desperately tries to hold on to the familiar, even as he loses those who all his life have protected him from a harsh world. Village bullies and scheming land-grabbers stand in his way, no matter where he turns.

  • City of Bohane

    City of Bohane
    Kevin Barry

    Paperback · 05 Apr 2012 · €10.99

    The once-great city of Bohane on the west coast of Ireland is on its knees, infested by vice and split along tribal lines. There are still some posh parts of town, but it is in the slums and backstreets of Smoketown, the tower blocks of the Northside Rises and the eerie bogs of Big Nothin' that the city really lives.

  • The Testament of Mary

    The Testament of Mary
    Colm Toibin

    Paperback · 04 Jul 2013 · €10.99

    For Mary, her son has been lost to the world, and now, living in exile and in fear, she tries to piece together the memories of the events that led to her son's brutal death. This story of the Virgin Mary tells the story of a cataclysmic event which led to an overpowering grief.

  • The Guts

    The Guts
    Roddy Doyle

    Paperback · 01 Aug 2013 · €17.95

    Jimmy Rabbitte is back. The man who invented the Commitments back in the eighties is now forty-seven, with a loving wife, four kids ...and bowel cancer. Jimmy still loves his music, and he still loves to hustle - his thing is finding old bands and then finding the people who loved them enough to pay money for their resurrected singles and albums.

  • On Canaan's Side

    On Canaan's Side
    Sebastian Barry

    Paperback · 05 Apr 2012 · €10.99

    A novel that opens as the narrator Lilly Bere mourns the loss of her grandson, Bill. It then goes back to the moment she was forced to flee Dublin, at the end of the First World War, and follows her life through into the new world of America, a world filled with both hope and danger.

  • Ancient Light

    Ancient Light
    John Banville

    Paperback · 28 Mar 2013 · €11.99

    In a small town in 1950s Ireland a fifteen-year-old boy has illicit meetings with a thirty-five-year-old woman - in the back of her car on sunny mornings, and in a rundown cottage in the country on rain-soaked afternoons. Unsure why she has chosen him, he becomes obsessed and tormented by this first love.

  • Red Sky in Morning

    Red Sky in Morning
    Paul Lynch

    Paperback · 25 Apr 2013 · €17.95

    Ireland, 1832 - a hunted farmer is forced to swap dew-drenched Donegal for the sun-soaked American northeast, while his cruel pursuer vows a bloody revenge...

  • Mount Merrion

    Mount Merrion
    Justin Quinn

    Paperback · 05 Sep 2013 · €17.95

    Declan and Sinead Boyle are pillars of society - born into prosperous families, educated at Dublin's finest schools, dwellers in a fine house in a leafy suburb. So why are they in so much trouble? Declan wants to serve his country - but he also wants to serve his own ambition.

  • Dark Lies the Island

    Dark Lies the Island
    Kevin Barry

    Paperback · 04 Apr 2013 · €10.99

    Offers a collection of unpredictable stories about love and cruelty, crimes, desperation, and hope from the man Irvine Welsh has described as 'the most arresting and original writer to emerge from these islands in years'.

  • Where Have You Been?

    Where Have You Been?
    Joseph O Connor

    Paperback · 03 Oct 2013 · €10.99

    Ranging from urgently contemporary London and Dublin to New York's Lower East Side in the nineteenth century, from dark comedy to poignancy, from the wryly provocative to the quietly beautiful, this title includes stories that offer a gathering of dreamers and lost souls who contend with the confusions of living.

  • Hawthorn and Child

    Hawthorn and Child
    Keith Ridgway

    Paperback · 04 Apr 2013 · €11.99

    Here are unnerving scenes of real, confused London life, the lives of functioning-but-marginal Londoners revealed in all their vulnerabilities and misapprehensions, with immense observational brilliance.

  • Arimathea

    Frank McGuinness

    Paperback · 02 Sep 2013 · €14.99

    It is 1950. Donegal. A land apart. Derry city is only fourteen miles away but too far, mentally, for people to travel there in comfort. Into this community comes Gianni, a painter from Italy. A book of close observation, sharp wit, linguistic dexterity - and of deep sympathy for everyday humanity.