Binding: Paperback
Pages: 432
Pub Date: 11/01/2018
Publisher: Head Of Zeus
ISBN: 9781788541909
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Quick overview A Dubray Staff Recommended Read... A vivid, heartbreaking portrait of the fate that so many African countries suffered after independence.
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Award-winning journalist Paul Kenyon has made telling the story of the African continent his life’s work. In particular, he exposes the brutality of the dictators who amassed massive wealth from selling gold, diamonds and cocoa to an insatiable western world while their own people starved or were forcibly conscripted into their armies. Compellingly told, these incredible stories of violence and excess will bring a realisation of how the African story is an integral part of our own history.

Recommended by Robin, Dubray Blackrock

The dictator who grew so rich on his country's cocoa crop that he built a 35-storey-high basilica in the jungles of the Ivory Coast. The austere, incorruptible leader who has shut Eritrea off from the world in a permanent state of war and conscripted every adult into the armed forces. In Equatorial Guinea, the paranoid despot who thought Hitler was the saviour of Africa and waged a relentless campaign of terror against his own people. The Libyan army officer who authored a new work of political philosophy, The Green Book, and lived in a tent with a harem of female soldiers, running his country like a mafia family business. And behind these almost incredible stories of fantastic violence and excess lie the dark secrets of Western greed and complicity, the insatiable taste for chocolate, oil, diamonds and gold that have encouraged dictators to rule with an iron hand, siphoning off their share of the action into mansions in Paris and banks in Zurich and keeping their people in dire poverty.

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